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CCCS Graduation Celebration!!

Clinton County Country Squares is ecstatic, exhilarated and over the top of the moon to welcome our four newly graduated members! So much dancing, laughter, food, fellowship, yellow rocks and memories were shared on Tuesday, June 4, 2019 that an ambience of love and awe was shared. We are so proud of our graduates hard work, dedication and accomplishment! Congratulations! Welcome to the art and beauty of square dancing CCCS style! Thank you, George Hughes, Linda Steinburgge, Wayne and Sandy Ames and all who pitched in to help make this night so magical. CCCS rocks!

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What a smile!

This picture has a special place of honor! His smile of love and happiness sums up everything about John. He is a long time devoted CCCS member. He always lends a hand whenever needed. John helps set up and close down most dances. No dancer goes without a partner with John around. You are very much loved by your CCCS family, John Dailey! Happy 90 years young and many more to come!

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CCCS Sweetness

On Thursday, January 3rd, Clinton County Country Squares hosted an extra special “Rocking Square Dance & 90th Surprise Birthday Party for John Dailey!” Many club members, John’s immediate family and guests came to celebrate John being 90 years young! Dinner was provided by CCCS club members. Luckily, John only had to blow out a “few candles!” Ken Roberts and Stuart Lewis rocked the squares and rounds all evening. What a celebration! Happy Birthday, John Dailey, you are one sweet CCCS family member!

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CCCS Double Header

Clinton County Country Squares celebrated a double header with activities two days in a row.

Thursday, July 18, 2018

Gem City Squares, Cardinal Squares and Curli Q’s joined CCCS at our 3rd Thursday night dance. We were also joined by Jack from Columbus, and Frank from Indiana. Ken Roberts and Linda Bishop get the credit for a wonderful and fun evening.

Friday, July 19, 2018

Nine CCCS members ventured up to Jackson, OH to visit Wagon Wheelers. Homer Magnet and Roger Steele feed off of each other to keep the ginormous crowd hankering for more!!

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CCCS Loves KR!

Ken Roberts recently celebrated his 70th Surprise Birthday on Saturday, June 23, 2018 at the Michael Solomon Pavilion with sooo many friends and family present that one lost count in the sea of smiling faces that were there to share his special day.  In case you might not be aware,  Ken Roberts is the awesome club caller for Clinton County Country Squares.  We really appreciate the love, time and devotion that Ken always has shared and continues to bless our club with.  Please visit the Miami Valley Dance Council blog post, Best Lookin’ in Dayton, to view more pics from this special event.  Thank you, Ken.  Your club truly loves you!

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CCCS Celebration!!

Clinton County Country Squares wants to share the most ginourmous shout to the entire world! We celebrated the graduation of eight new angels to our beloved square dance family this evening, Tuesday, May 22nd.

More pictures and details will follow in the next day or two. So for now, help us celebrate our newest smiles!

Katie Anderson
Jenna Allemang
Jennifer Clements
Dianna Brausch
Emily Brausch
Linda Fouch
Elizabeth Farr
Gabrielle Tong-Broglin

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CCCS Bashes The General Butler

Ashley and Katie Clements and Kristen Germann and I attended the General Butler Bash in Carrollton, KY on January 26 & 27, 2018. We have heard of this event quite often over the last few years and we decided to see for ourselves exactly what separates the General Butler Bash from other square dancing events.

Well, I can tell you first hand that the General Butler Bash rocks beyond the realm of imagination. Jack Pladdys, Tom Davis, Mark Patterson and Wes Dyer electrified the ginourmous crowd all weekend. They put their heart and soul into their art and called out song after song that were all a true gift of musical genius. Elaine Wintrow, as always, followed in suit with her cueing the round dancers. Please also, let me tell you that the love, laughter and hugs were abounding between the dancers too.

If you are considering attending the 2019 General Butler Bash, you had better get your ribbons fast, they will go quickly once this news spreads!!

Kudos to the entire staff of the Bash that CCCS was blessed to visit this past weekend!!