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Cheeseburgers & Squaring?

“Hold the mayo!”

“Admin left, weave the ring.”

“Add pickles, please!”

“Explode the wave and courtesy turn your girl!”

“Ketchup, no mustard.”

“Sides face grand square.”

“I would appreciate my hamburger without a bun.”

“Track two and swing through.”

“Sure, I would love cheese. Thank you!”

You might be pondering, what does cheeseburgers and squares have in common?

Clinton County Country Squares experienced this phenomenon at the Concord Cloverleafs Cheeseburger in Paradise Dance on Saturday, July 7th. We were able to feast on cheeseburgers while Jack Pladdys and Sam Dunn dished out the high energy squares and Elaine Wintrow cued her heart as high as the some of toppings on some of the burgers! Jay Fitch blessed us with calling a square too

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CCCS Double Header!

Clinton County Country Squares experienced a double header!
Thursday, June 6, 2019 – CCCS hosted Kitty Hawks Squares and Gem City Squares at their Club Square Dance! Ken Roberts and Elaine Wintrow electrified the entire evening!

6/6/2019 CCCS Square Dance with Ken Roberts & Elaine Wintrow
We rocked with Kitty Hawk Squares and Gem City Squares!

Friday, June 7, 2019 – CCCS attended the 21st Annual Frontier Squares Picnic and Square Dance at Nisbet Park in Loveland, OH. We were able to visit with our Cincinnati Federation Family and get our “Jack and Sherry Pladdys Fix” in at the same time! What a wonderful way to spend our squaring time!

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Glimpse of CCCS

Hello, CCCS Family!

Please enjoy this small glimpse of the Kitty Hawks Squares and Concord Cloverleafs Sqaures Combo Dance on Friday, May 31st at the MSP. Elaine Wintrow and Jason Raleigh shook the MSP to full tilt that the evening went by so dog gone quick. Always an awesome time with our MVDC peeps!

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Love That…

Caller, Tom Davis, who electrifies the crowd with his wit, stamina, and refreshingly cool awesomeness.

Stuart Lewis, Cuer, with grace and poise at every precise turn.

Pavilion to square, round, polka and twirl!

Gem City Squares Club that knows no stranger!

Clinton County Country Squares who rock in every capacity.

MVDC Family who shares nothing but yellow rocks, laughs and lots of love.

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🔥 Off The Presses!!

Saturday, December 1, 2018

Hold onto your hats!

Contain your excitement!

Let the CCCS aura be soaked in!

Here is the breaking squaring news that you have been awaiting for a millennial.

Clinton County Country Squares at this exact moment is having a whopping heck of a time at the Gem City Squares Dance at the MSP.

Enjoy the pics.

Spread the news!

Share how awesome squaring, CCCS and the Miami Valley Dance Council Family are with your friends and loved ones!

Over and out. Stand by for more 🔥 CCCS news to come!!