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Kristen and Katie…

Kristen and Katie are both 14 years old and have been best friends since 2008.  They know each other so well that hanging out together means just bumming around at home, talking and laughing.  Sometimes this laughter would turn into rages of non stop howling.  Their moms had to find a way to funnel all this laughter, fun, and energy.  Kristen and Katie had the opportunity to learn to square dance together at Clinton County Country Squares in the Fall of 2015.

From the moment that Kristen and Katie entered the realm of square dancing at CCCS, they instantly felt such a ginourmous welcome and happiness that was in the air.  Ken Roberts taught Kristen and Katie the most basic square dance moves in the first lesson that made it all seem as if they were dancing on air. 

Then along came Deborah and Emma.  They completed the four corners of their best friendship.   The girls learned to square dance together in their bare feet.  Thus creating a reputation throughout the Miami Valley Dance Council as “The Barefoot Bunch!”

Fast forward to present day, and the girls can dance both the man’s and women’s part of square dancing.   They know how to round dance too.  So, if 4 best friends can learn to square, anyone can!! Please join us at Clinton County Country Squares, 717 N Nelson Ave,  Wilmington on Tuesday, September 12th at 7:00 PM.  CCCS is “Hip to Be Square,” no matter the age, from 9 to 99.

From left to right:  Emma, Katie, Kristen and Deb.  Their bud Jackie is with them too.


Hi. I am a member of Clinton County Country Squares who wants to share the art and love of square dancing. All it takes is one square or round dance to catch the "dancing bug!" It is such a joy!

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