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“How did you know that?”

Just wanted to share a really funny story that might give you a chuckle or two.  Yes, this has to do with square dancing.  I met up with some fellow Clinton County Country Squares members at Frontier Squares in Milford on Friday, August 4th. Jack Pladdys was rocking the house down with his awesome calling.  I had just finished squaring, when a fellow CCCS member said, “I didn’t realize that you wore a medium shirt!”  I instantly exclaimed, “How did you know that?’  Connie said, “Because your shirt is on inside out.*  My mouth gasped open, and I instantly said, “Holy Cow, did anyone else notice?”  Art stated, “Not yet, unless you can’t take care of it right it away!”  I immediately flew into the restroom and quickly rearranged my shirt.  I  began to square up again and the shirt issue was a distant memory after hearing Jack call another stupendously awesome set.  Square dancing can bring a chuckle or two every now and then, but one thing is for certain, you will always make lasting friends that can share in your mishaps with you.  Thank you for reading this short smile maker.  I hope that you enjoyed it.


Hi. I am a member of Clinton County Country Squares who wants to share the art and love of square dancing. All it takes is one square or round dance to catch the "dancing bug!" It is such a joy!

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