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An Ode to CCCS

An ode to:  Clinton County Country Squares!

Written by CCCS member, Michael Hinkle.

The first time I came,

To dance with the squares, 

My dear friend Bonnie,

Showed me the way there!
With Ken Roberts on calling;

And line dancing too,

A great time was had,

For me and for you!
The hall is quite cosy,

The food is so grand,

So many nice partners,

To join up in hand!
Five years it has been,

Since that first dance,

Every dance is a pleasure,

With hints of romance!
The charming young ladies,

They dance with such flair,

Such a joy to watch,

Whenever they’re there!
All of the members,

Show style and such grace,

They always will greet you,

With a smile on their face!
As of late we have added,

Sweet Linda on rounds,

With waltz and the two-step,

Such joy will be found!
Come join us on Thursdays

You will never regret,

The food and the people,

Are the best I’ve found yet!

Clinton County Country Squares dances the 1st, 3rd and 5th Thursdays of each month from 7 PM to 9:30 PM.  Wilmington Savings Bank Clinton County Senior Center, 717 N Nelson Ave,  Wilminton.   Please join us!!  Everyone is welcome.  Lessons will begin on Tuesday, September 12th at 7 PM.  We welcome your comments and feedback.


Hi. I am a member of Clinton County Country Squares who wants to share the art and love of square dancing. All it takes is one square or round dance to catch the "dancing bug!" It is such a joy!

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